The FLICK 2 is a light-weight professional-grade esports mouse. Symmetrical and built with comfort and grip in mind using only the best components, it's all of our esports knowledge in the palm of your hand.

Size: 131x70.2x40mm

Weight: 93g

“Fnatic are going in the right direction and even as standalone mice they’re really good. I had some great games with them.”

FNATIC Streak Rocket Jump Ninja

Powerful OP Software

With Fnatic OP, our powerful cross-platform software, you can completely customise all of your Gear to make it as powerful as you are. Allowing for RGB control, mappable buttons, custom macros, unique actions and more, OP makes you OP.

8 lighting modes

Animated and unique lighting

6 Customisable buttons

Make it exactly how you like with OP software


meets function

The Flick 2 utilises a refined symmetrical shape along with oleophobic paint and a textured rubber side grips to maximise comfort, boosting the users control over their mouse.

Rubber side grips

Textured grips for ultimate comfort


Tough guy mouse

Built to withstand more than normal wear-and-tear. This mouse is rage-proof thanks to the tier-1 factory built and drop-tested durability found in the Flick 2.

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